This cemetery is private property in the ownership of Harewood Parish Cemetery Board represented at any point in time by the then present members of Harewood Parish Council. It is open to the public for them to visit graves and enjoy the peace and tranquillity it offers.

In order to perpetuate beauty, harmony, continuity and tranquillity, Harewood Parish Council has the responsibility for the general upkeep of the Cemetery as it has for over a hundred years.  This includes appearance, grass cutting, arboriculture and general maintenance.  We can only do this with the co-operation of visitors to the cemetery and we ask that you observe the following:-

  • Please do not damage any part of the cemetery, the memorials or any other property.  If you find any such damage please contact the Cemetery Administrator on the number below.
  • When putting ornaments and other decoration on graves, please keep in mind the feelings of other users of the cemetery. We do not wish to restrict anyone’s expressions of grief but we ask that graves are kept as unobtrusive and discreet as possible.
  • Please do not plant trees on a grave.  Seasonal bulbs or fresh flowers are acceptable but we ask that you remove decayed flowers and wreaths before they become unsightly. Bins are provided at the entrance to the cemetery for this purpose. If you are not able to do this, the Parish Council reserves the right to remove them to maintain the appearance of the Cemetery.
  • Unless you are visiting a grave, please keep to the paths.
  • Dogs are permitted in the cemetery if on a leash but we ask dog owners to remove any fouling and take it away with them.
  • Please behave with dignity and respect.

The Parish Council conforms to the rules of Leeds City Council on the length, width, and interment procedures for all graves.

The Harewood Parish Cemetery Board has a duty under law to see that the monuments in the cemetery are safe. To this end we are required to undertake regular checks of all monuments and to lay flat immediately any that are unstable or unsecured. A list of names of those monuments laid flat will appear in the minutes of the next Parish Council meeting and will be displayed on all the Parish Council’s notice boards at that time. Next-of-kin may wish to have the monuments safely restored and do not need to seek permission to do this.

For more detailed information, please ring the Cemetery Administrator, as below:

Mr P Stephenson

07407 711187