Local Communication

Dissemination of information was conducted at Parish Council Meetings and through the posting of Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings or Notices on our Noticeboards.

Harewood Village Notice Board

These are situated at the post box in High Ash Drive, at the Slaidhill shops, at the bus stop in Harewood Village and at the post box in Wike Village. (There is an additional Noticeboard situated within the Cemetery for Cemetery matters).

Traditionally, contact with the Parish Council was by telephoning individual Councillors listed with the Minutes or by Contacting the Clerk to Harewood Parish in writing or email. Direct contact can be made from this website from the Contact page.

It is hoped that through this website and associated web-links greater dissemination of the Parish Council matters will be achieved. Also it is hoped that through this website that Parishioners will feel that they can communicate their comments or concerns more readily.